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Welcome to Fox Ridge Farm and Nursery!
Spring WILL come!  We're ready---things are blooming in the greenhouse, tree buds are swelling, bulbs are sending up their shoots to glow spring green even through the snow. And even as the snow is falling, Spring prepares her colors... animals are stirring in their dens, robins still dance on the ragged grass, birds survey broken limbs and branches lying on the ground, and find little pockets of seeds. Wild, straggly, weeds see the sun for the first time in years, where trees once blocked it, preventing them from ever growing fully, soon will grow wide and tall, becoming what in them lay dormant until this season--- wild flowers in their full power and beauty. This Spring will be like no other in a long time--- that which can only be realized through loss and change--- a great beauty and a deep love of nature, of warmth, of earth, and of things that grow!

OPENING  April 5th, 2014!

Spring Hours:

Mon:  10am -- 6pm
Tues:  10am-- 6pm
Wed:  10am -- 6pm
Thurs: 10am--6pm
Fri:  10am -- 6pm
Sat:  10am--6pm
Sun: 1pm --  5pm  

Fox Ridge Farm and Nursery started 16 years ago with nothing but an idea!  And that idea was to sell beautiful plants, trees, flowers, and herbs at a price that regular people could afford!
That is still our golden rule, although now we also offer landscape and gardening services, have our own greenhouse where we can propagate plants, and have just opened a gift shop as part of the Nursery!
Please see our Gift Shoppe's website at for more information on this exciting new division.  It specializes in everything tea, and we have complimentary teas going on throughout the year in our 18th century Victorian house on the farm.
We will be opening for the 2014 season on April 5th with our early spring flowers available for sale.
If you need to reach us before March 20, 2014, please call and leave a message at 717-993-3104!
We look forward to seeing you in April!

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